Chronicles of Renfall

Session Four - The Fey Secret
  • Brother Griffon reveals the location of a secret vault to the party, which was built by the Fey.
  • The party recovered a round glass orb from the vault, which supposedly acts as a ‘key’ to the city of Netheril.
Session Three - Murder at the Mansion

Session Three Notes -The party explored Draigdurroch’s tower, making their way up to the top -The party defeated the Spirit of Winter, and destroyed the crystal -Met with goblin warband, and persuaded them into returning their depost -Spoke with people around town -Mayor’s wife was murdered, Marc and Albrek found the murderer -Griffon was framed, but proven innocent -Dave retired to his labyrinth, Quix left the militia to join the party -Lokrag, Gatzif and Shak were invited to a farmer’s feast -Shak was killed by kobolds at the Nethalis Gate.

Session Two - The Obelisk Part Two

-The Party made their way through the Obelisk -Marcus Wayne was killed, as Roman fled the tower on his dragon. -An unusual winter made its way to Iron Haven, and the party went into the Dire Woods to investigate.

Session One - The Obelisk
  • The party meets up in Iron Haven, and is briefed on the situation with the Obelisk.
  • The party makes its way through several floors of the Obelisk
  • Leu enters a portal to Mechanus, and is lost forever.

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